Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Many months later . . .

A long time has passed since the last post in February. Suffice it to say that the contractors disappeared (Windsor Homes), the owner, James (Jim) Wolohan, declared bankruptcy personally and the company went bankrupt. Blogging about the house lost its appeal. One lawyer, many dollars and many moons later, we signed a contract with a new company that has done a wonderful job correcting the many, many serious problems left behind by Windsor. Essentially it cost us as much to fix the job they did as we paid them to build it.

The owner of Windsor is now building 2-3 miles away under a new company name (Halsey); the VP of Windsor, Justin Mackovyk, and our Project Manager, Neil Thompson, have started a new construction company (Dobbins Construction). Gotta love the Maryland construction licensing and laws!

So, that said, I will start a new post to show all the wonderful things happening with the addition now.

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