Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another week . . .

Time for the weekly update. Here's how it looks in the new room today:
No, you're not crazy. It's the same as last week. We have a new project manager as of Tuesday (due to a change at the construction company). We're disappointed to see the old one go but are optimistic about the new guy. He's spent the week getting up to speed. We had a good meeting yesterday and hope to see movement this week. We're on the verge of a change in the roof that will fix the ceiling height problem (hopefully), as well as the beginning of plumbing, electrical, and roofing. 

We're also hoping that the final wall goes up early this week so the kitchen designer can measure for the cabinets. We're really wanted inset doors in the kitchen, but compromised with overlays on the bottom because of price. The cabinet company has announced a promotion on inset doors for cabinets ordered March 1-14, so we may get lucky and be able to have more inset that we expected! We'll see. These details could drive us crazy if we let them, I suspect. We're working hard to just go with the flow (now, there's a contradiction).

Here's Carole standing in the screened porch-to be (viewed from the kitchen doors).

And here she is on the porch: 

In the meantime, some of you have been wondering how we're living in the remaining space. Not too gracefully, but it's working. (Proceed carefully; rooms were not straightened before these photos. Frankly, there's just not much of a way to straighten them.)           The kitchen:

The living room, complete with confused dogs:

 And, amidst it all, Carole's post-its, labeling everything in Spanish to help her vocabulary grow:

Currently waiting for: dumpster removal, windows, solution to ceiling height problem in the addition (not 9' as hoped), historic commission approval of rubber membrane roof (since the pitch is too low for there to be a roof warranty otherwise)  - meeting canceled because of snow so answer was delayed. - Still waiting for meeting ...
New issue - what to do about the fact that the second set of stairs from the deck doesn't fit where planned (would end in the middle of the greenhouse windows from the basement)- - Solved by narrowing the stairs.
New - Final answer about fixing the ceiling height

Hope to have a lot of new pictures of progress next week!

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