Sunday, February 7, 2010

Framing - It's starting to look like a house

Lumber, lumber everywhere
The kitchen will be along this wall (chimney will be removed). The snow in these photos is from last week, not the big weekend storm.

This view shows the family room. The opening on the far left is for the double French doors going from the kitchen to the screened porch. To the right of this is space for a tall 4' wide kitchen cabinet. The next three openings are for a glass door, another double French door, and a single glass door. It's all about the view!

On Friday, in anticipation of the big storm, they covered the roof with a tarp and covered the doors and windows with plywood. This is the new back room with the deck. The next photo shows the screened porch to-be.

Here's the whole thing. Big, isn't it? Very exciting . . .
Snowmegeddon (or snowpocalypse, depending on which channel you are watching) is starting!
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