Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here we go!

Just a small test patch uncovered ...


The original siding on the house was cedar shake, which must be restored according to the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission. Luckly, most of it was in good shape. The worst case scenario was replacing it all (at $22,000). Final estimate: $2,700. Woo-hoo!

Then there's the color ... bottom layer - bad, bad, green (not visible here). Next layer - depressing tone of mustard yellow. Test patch by front door (not chosen by old owners) - bilious green. Luckily we had planned to paint it from the beginning!

 Then came the demolition in the back. And not a moment too soon for the deck, as you can see in the closeup of the structure below it.

Below: Who knew there was really insulation in the back room?

Above:  Carolyn watching, Carole photographing, both wondering why the toilet is still there and how the wood stove will come down. Anybody want to buy a wood stove??
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