Saturday, February 20, 2010

We have doors and windows!

While we're out working (and shopping), the framers are busy, busy. Three full days of work this week (one holiday, one day elsewhere).

The week began with this:

Plumbing issues continue. The ceiling has been removed from the old kitchen and the sources of the leaks have been revealed. All in all, it wasn't as bad up there as we had feared.

We've also learned (the hard way) that our sewer pipe in the front yard is cracked and leaking, so we will also get to dig up the front yard. The Roto-Rooter camera will be coming next week to mark the spot.
We also need to replace the laundry sink, but that's no surprise. We do still have the original from 1925 and they don't use the same drain setup any more (and probably haven't for quite a long time.)

Here's the old kitchen, soon to become the new bathroom:  
This is what remains of the old red spice cupboard:

And, saving the best for last, here's the new kitchen space:

The doors go to the screened porch. The windows are on the side of the house.

Here's the rest of the addition (including the doors next to the one above, all leading to the new deck). The windows are on the other side of the house. The second picture shows the full back wall, with the doors on the left to the screened porch from the kitchen, space for a tall kitchen cabinet to the right, then the rest of the doors to the deck.

Currently waiting for: dumpster removal, windows, solution to ceiling height problem in the addition (not 9' as hoped), historic commission approval of rubber membrane roof (since the pitch is too low for there to be a roof warranty otherwise)  - meeting canceled because of snow so answer was delayed.
New issue - what to do about the fact that the second set of stairs from the deck doesn't fit where planned (would end in the middle of the greenhouse windows from the basement)

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